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And then there was a ring and a YES

Hi Guys,

When I was first asked to share my love story for this website, well I was kind of speechless. First tried to steal some lines from the numerous novels I read in the past but even the best words from the best writers couldn't do justice to my story.
So, finally tried to give it a shot and pen down my own story.

My story may not have the Shah Rukh, Salman's fantasy, the glamour but it did had the one single thing which is necessary for any story to be called "LOVE" story. It's very difficult to trace back the events because remembering events from kindergarden is difficult, yes you are right we are the high school sweethearts.

Well, even though our story stretches from kindergarden but things started to take shape once I was out of my BBA program and that's when I joined social media.

At first it was greetings at sharp 9.00 AM and 9.00 PM and followed by usual routine questions like how was your day. Thank GOD for bringing that year Baliyatra soon, he was able to plan for a get together, else not sure "how things would have gone".

Later I came to know that he used to contact my friends Siba and Rasa to plan this get together and in the process tortured them for sometime. We met we laughed we ate but as friends and something was going on his mind, never crossed mine. But later that day I came to know about his little struggle, finishing up few household work, to reach the fair ground just to meet me and ultimately ending up on scooty passenger seat with two girls.

Then came the day 3rd June, by then I had some hints about his feelings toward me, when he finally gathered his courage to propose. Well it was worth the wait.

Infront all of my friends he was down on one knee and then there was a ring and a YES to be there by his side for ever.

We know the path ahead will not always be filled with joys but whatever it will be we will be having each other to support.
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